Baby Formula Nutrition

If you are expectant mother or new mother, you’ve probably got some questions about baby formula nutrition. The choice between formula and breast milk is one that each woman must make. While the World Health Organization and the FDA both recommend breastfeeding there are also reasons to consider bottle feeding. Some mothers are unable to breastfeed or do not feel comfortable doing so. In some cases a mother will attempt to breastfeed then choose to switch to formula feeding if problems arise.

For moms who bottle feed or are considering it, there may be questions or even feelings of guilt regarding this issue because of the attention paid to breastfeeding benefits. You should know that all the formula in the United States is required to meet stringent safety and nutrition guidelines before it can be sold. That means it is safe and healthy to feed your baby. There are many different kinds of formula on the market including cow milk based formula, soy formula and even special hypoallergenic formula for babies suffering from colic.

The biggest difference between the breast and bottle is colostrum. Colostrum is a thick yellowish milk that contains special antibodies to protect your baby from infection. Colostrum also contains the perfect balance of protein and carbohydrates for newborn nutrition. However it is only produced by the body for about four days following birth. If you want to bottle feed but want the benefits of colostrum for your baby, ask your doctor about breastfeeding for the first four days or so then switching over to the bottle. Your doctor and your baby’s pediatrician should be consulted with any questions or concerns about breast or bottle feeding.

Baby formula nutrition is designed to be as close to mother’s milk as possible. Even in 1867 when it was invented, formula was meant to mimic breast milk in nutrient composition. Infant formula first originated in London but made famous by Henri Nestle of Switzerland in the same year. Nestle saved the life of a premature baby that could not breastfeed by feeding it a milk based concoction containing the nourishment necessary for survival. Today, both name brand and generic formula of all kinds can be found in any store that sells baby food and supplies.

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