Baby Formula Without Iron

Some babies demonstrate an intolerance to certain types of baby formula. For these babies iron may be suspected as the culprit. However whether or not you should even consider a baby formula without iron is a discussion to have with your pediatrician. Most experts will tell you that it is necessary for your baby to consume iron. However you and your pediatrician may decide that a low iron formulation is best if your baby experiences certain symptoms like stomach upset, constipation or other gastrointestinal distress.

The vast majority of infants will do just fine with traditional cow’s milk based iron enriched formula. However if you do decide upon a low iron formula make sure to shop around for the best product. Some parents find this variety difficult to locate, however it can be found in some stores and online. One brand you may want to check out is Enfamil Lipil with Low Iron. Enfamil is one of the best known names in the baby formula industry. This particular variety contains ARA and DHA, crucial to brain development. It contains less iron than traditional Enfamil. Another top brand to consider is Similac.

Similac makes a variety of formulas especially for premature babies that are low in iron. You may want to ask the doctor about Similac Special Care 20 Low Iron or Similac Special Care 24 Low Iron. Premature babies cannot tolerate the same amount of iron or even calories as full term babies and require special formula and feeding schedules. Another product from this company is 60/40 Low Iron Infant Formula, which is casein and whey based. This formula is meant to be close to breast milk in formulation and contains less iron than the top selling Similac with Iron.

It is very doubtful that you will find baby formula without iron. Iron is essential to health and growth, which is why no-iron formulas are very scarce if you can find them at all. Rather than wasting your time searching for a no-iron infant formula, go for a low-iron formula instead. Of course before making this decision consult with your pediatrician. Choosing what to feed your baby is such an important decision it should never be made without pediatric approval. While some babies do wonderfully on low iron formulas others are best fed with the average milk based iron enriched infant formula.

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