Earth’s Best Sensitivity Formula for Gassy Babies Review


In search of the best organic baby formula, we did not want to miss out Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity Formula. For parents who prefer pure organic when it comes feeding their baby, then Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity is one of the best options for infants who have sensitivity problems with regular formulas. Sticking to the organic principles Earth’s Best is known for and ensuring that all necessary nutrients are present, this product is a great solution to the headaches many parents experience when the baby won’t stop being fussy. It is low lactose and contains nutrients in an easy to digest form.

Features of Earths Best Organic Sensitivity Formula

Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity is the first organic formula the FDA approved for infants who are extra sensitive. In both organic and non-organic circles, it is one of the most popular infant sensitivity formulas. Below is a list of its main features:

Certified Organic. This is a USDA certified organic product. This is a guarantee that it contains no artificial flavors or colors, preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, steroids, growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides/herbicides. There are very strict safety and organic checks right from the source of ingredients to the formula preparation process. For example, the milk giving cows are raised under strident conditions; no growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids.

For Tummy-Sensitive Babies. Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity Infant Formula was designed specifically for tummy-sensitive babies for use exclusively during the first six months and as a food supplement for the remaining six months. The formula uses a blend of carbohydrates that are easy to digest and meant to be easy on a baby’s delicate gut.

Contains DHA & ARA. It contains two very important fatty acids; DHA and ARA. These ingredients have been proven essential for the development of the infant’s brain, eyes, heart and nervous system. For every 100 calories of the formula, there are 17mg of DHA and ARA.

Low Lactose-Level. It is low-lactose in nature, making it ideal for infants with increased sensitivity towards lactose. It contains 95 percent less lactose than regular milk-based formulas.

Kosher-Certified. The formula is certified kosher, perfect for those who want to stick to their religious requirements in regards to diet.

Meets FDA Requirements. It meets all FDA requirements on infant nutrition. Some of the nutrients contained in the formula include vitamins, minerals including iron, protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Advantages of Earths Best Organic Sensitivity Formula

Eases Digestive Problems

It has been rated highly when it comes to easing digestive problems in infants such as gas, spitting and constipation. Parents also say that it acts very quickly with some claiming that their baby’s fussiness disappeared immediately after the first feeding of Earth’s Best.

Better Mineral Proportions

Compared to other formulas, this one has slightly better mineral proportions. For instance, it has 2.1mcg or micrograms of selenium compared to 2mcg in Similac Sensitive and 7mg or milligrams of magnesium compared to 6mg in Similac Sensitive.

Breast Milk Imitated

The formula’s ingredients and their proportions have been imitated to recreate breast milk as much as possible including its many benefits. Like breast milk, it has a higher proportion of whey to casein.

Reduced Gassiness

It has very little lactose content compared to some other sensitive formulas such as Enfamil Gentlease, just 5 percent of normal content. This helps a great deal to reduce gassiness in lactose-sensitive infants.


The manufacturer uses the highly controversial hexane extraction method to obtain DHA (omega-3) and ARA (omega-6) used in the formula. This is a concern for many parents since traces of this toxic chemical might remain in the baby food. Besides, the formula contains glucose syrup solids as a source of carbohydrates. This is simply sugar. Its use in baby formula has raised a lot of concern among experts and parents due to the potential health effects including the increased risk of childhood obesity, addiction and teeth problems such as dental cavities. In addition to that, like many other manufacturers, Earth’s Best includes palm olein oil in its sensitivity infant formula. Studies have indicated that infants fed food containing this oil develop with lower bone mineralization. This negatively affects the hardness and strength of bones. The reason for this is that palm olein oil inhibits, to an appreciable degree, the absorption of calcium. Calcium is essential to strong bones. Palm olein oil has also been found to cause harder and less frequent bowel movement in infants. Finally, many parents experience problems when preparing the formula. For one, it takes a lot of time and patience for the mixture to form. Secondly, the powder has a tendency to form clumps even after lengthy mixing.

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