Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula For Gassy Babies Review


During the first few months, a baby’s digestive system is super sensitive. It easily reacts to even the smallest changes in diet. This is the primary reason why not all babies respond well to a specific type of formula. To solve this problem, companies have come up with special powders meant to solve problems such as too much gas, constipation and spitting. Enfamil Gentlease is one of these specialized infant formulas. The company claims that it can put an end to most feeding problems within 24 hours of its use.

Features of Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula For Gassy Babies

Enfamil Gentlease is marketed as a solution for babies who experience fussiness, when using the regular products such as the Enfamil infant formula. As you would expect, its features vary slightly from the regular formula but there is still a major focus on ensuring that the baby gets all the necessary nutrients for the first year of development.

For Tummy-Sensitive Infants. The formula is designed specifically for tummy-sensitive infants who exhibit fussiness from too much gas or stomach upsets after using the regular formula.

Lactose-Reduced. It contains much reduced levels of lactose, around a fifth of the lactose level in regular Enfamil infant formula. This is meant to reduce gas and stomach upsets in infants who are lactose-sensitive.

Easy to Digest. A partially broken down protein blend for easier digestion by babies is used. Additionally, the broken down proteins elicit very little allergic reaction.

Similar to Natural Breast Milk. Enfamil Gentlease is very similar to natural breast milk. A good example of this is the whey and casein ratio. In both breast milk and Enfamil Gentlease formula, the ratio is around 60:40. Not only does this matter nutritionally, it also helps to reduce negative gut reactions from the baby after feeding.

All Necessary Nutrients Contained. The formula contains all the necessary nutrients to serve as an exclusive source of nutrition for the first six months and as a food supplement for the remainder of the first year. These nutrients include protein, fat, carbohydrate, water, linoleic acid, vitamins and minerals and meet the DFA requirements for infant nutrition.

DHA & ARA for Eyes, Heart, Nervous System. It contains DHA, ARA and various other essential nutrients to provide for a full and healthy neuro development during the first 12 months. This includes the normal development of cognitive, social, motor and communication abilities. These two fatty acids are also essential for the development of the eyes, the heart and the nervous system.

Advantages of Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula For Gassy Babies

Reduces Abdominal Problems

It is more effective than the regular Enfamil formula in relieving gas, constipation, spitting and stomach upsets. Furthermore, it acts relatively fast, within 24 hours, making it one of the best formula for breastfed babies in terms of tolerance.

Suits Sensitive Babies

Reduced lactose levels suit sensitive babies. The lactose in Gentlease is about 20 percent the amount found in regular milk-based formula.

Eases Digestion

Partially hydrolyzed or broken down proteins are used to ease the digestion process for the baby. This ensures that the delicate developing digestive system is not overwhelmed, which can cause some of the common digestion issues.

Easy to Mix

Like the Enfamil Infant Baby Formula, Enfamil Gentlease also mixes very easily. There is no need to keep stirring to get it to mix well. Also, it does not leave clumps behind. According to most parents, it does not form too many bubbles when mixing, which can contribute to gassiness. This is unlike other formulas that tend to get frothy.


Some of the problematic issues noted by experts and parents include the lack of the prebiotics blend found in Enfamil infant formula. Prebiotics, though not essential for a baby, have been shown to help in digestive and immunity development. Infants on Enfamil Gentlease will miss out on the benefits of prebiotics. Furthermore there are two specific ingredients in Enfamil Gentlease that do not bring much comfort to parents. The first one is corn syrup solids. Feeding corn syrup to babies has been associated with higher rates of childhood obesity, increased risk of behavioral disorders such as ADD, dental cavities and nutritional deficiencies. The other ingredient sparking concern is palm olein oil. To a certain degree, this oil inhibits the absorption of calcium and fat by the body, further increasing the risk of nutrient deficiencies. Another problem many parents complain about is the unpleasant taste. Notably, this same problem also occurs with the regular Enfamil formula. Unless your baby is especially sensitive to taste, the taste will probably not be a major problem. On top of that, instead of completely eliminating lactose content in the formula, it is simply reduced. Although experts report that lactose intolerance is rare before age 2-3, many parents still report gas problems even after switching to Enfamil Gentlease. This is probably due to the still-present lactose. Parents using lactose-free formulas report better gas relief for their babies.

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