Safe Baby Food

When it comes to look after a baby the first important thing is feeding the baby. Every new born baby needs food that it can able to digest and which does not bring about any adverse effect on it.Generally it is recommended that a new born baby must only be breast fed for few months. Usually it is advised to give home made food for a baby as the baby food available outside may not be that pure and hygienic. The food that we give them when they are too young is very important. There are several recopies that are available for baby’s food. Unlike adults food they are very easy to make.

It is very important to be familiar with the kind of food and the time of feeding healthy and so on. At the first month, try to feed the baby only by breast feeding. Other kind of food can be given in the later months. And we must be very sure of the type of the food that the baby is comfortable with. It should be checked if there is any allergy that the baby faces. Vegetables that we give them must not be boiled very much as they will lose the necessary vitamins. Microwave boiling ensures less lose of vitamins. Mostly try to avoid giving oily items and junk food. It has been found out scientifically that giving honey to a baby of age less than 1 yr is not good for its health.

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